51 thoughts on “Abigail Spencer Leaked (22 Pics + Video)

    1. Tom

      Yes, at the end of the video you can see real well the scars in her breast crease where the implants were inserted.

  1. The dude

    She is, without question, not only the hottest woman in Hollywood but on the whole planet – nay, the universe – heck, probably in the whole infinity of the multiverse. I surely hope that video gets released soon. Bless that girl.

    1. Kevin Bacon

      The dude: Hottest woman in the whole infinity of the multiverse? KAPPA, Never seen such a joke before, NEXT LEVEL JOKE. SHE IS BY FAR NOT THE HOTTEST WOMAN OUT THERE

    1. horns

      not old, this is the new unreleased video from before, i wonder if they have more videos and photos of celebs from previous fappening, i hope they have more of jlaw masturbating.

  2. Randy

    I want more MMA fighters, wwe, jessica simpson big ol titties & holly “filthy” wiloughby! make it happen fappening. Awesome post btw.

  3. Issi

    Fucking gorgeous body, ive seen a couple of her other vids, likes to play with her snatch quite a lot, gets it dripping

    1. Zippo

      what are you saying…..you have a dick? even at post op tranny phase….why aren’t you out getting it up the ass in the street and bringing me my money, bitch?

      1. Zippo means zero, the story of fail

        Another unoriginal lame useless post from the most hated self absorbed little bacterium. See, that’s how you use that word correctly in a sentence stupid. As a microcephalic microorganism, I wouldn’t expect you to understand because you’re too busy searching for your micropenis.

  4. bruv

    bruv u better put ur shit on torrent. filelockers are often infested with malwares. i downloaded jillian murray vids from openload.co on fone and and the fuckerz stole my creditz! openload either hacked or the site’s operator deliberately put prestoris.com redirector there. funny thing even if some av detected prestoris.com as malware, openload.co that had prestoris.com in every page was marked as clean site at virustotal.com!

    i sware i will seed till i drop dead if the leaks r as good as this one

  5. jinx

    Please use something other than filejoker please. They are actively screwing around with the files. Also they are switching them to premium only to make money from them.

          1. xyz

            Better than nothing:

            11,9 MB
            Use / Buy “Internet Download Manager”, it’s worth it.

            Filejoker is a…Joke and doesn’t work. -.-“

    1. Zippo

      …I say that speaking from experience because I have no life living in mommys basement looking at porn all day dreaming I may eventually get a girl….and searching for my pud to pat is exhausting…obesity takes a lot out of you…..tomorrow the nurses aids come to roll me over….

  6. The dude

    If I could pick any woman in the world, it would be her. If I could pick any two women, I’d ask to get her cloned. I’m not sure I’d survive her AND her clone, but what a way to go out!!

    Thank you, Jesus, for the wonderful gifts you have bestowed to your faithful on this worldly pilgrimage. The fruits of your creation are sweet indeed. Would that I could one day get invited to partake in the heavenly dinner you have provided in the form of Ms. Spencer’s pretty catookie. I beseech thee to lay me somehow on the mind of the owner of these, thine gifts, that I might be invited to partake. Thine will be done – the mere sight of thine fruits is enough should that be thine will and the will of your creation. Amen.

    Ps. Not to overdo it, but if thou sweat in thine heart to have a scientist clone her, the clone might be a nice consolation prize.


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