Alessandra Ambrosio Sexy (75 New Photos)

A bikini clad Alessandra Corine Maria Ambrósio enjoys a beautiful day at the beach in Hawaii and puts her incredible bikini body on display in a simple yet cute light blue bikini, 04/06/2018.


Alessandra finished off her beach look with a fedora and mirrored aviator sunglasses. The 36-year-old Brazilian babe had a sandy bum while climbing the rocky terrain to pose for a signature Alessandra pose with two peace signs.

5 thoughts on “Alessandra Ambrosio Sexy (75 New Photos)

  1. debts paid

    Say what you will be she looks better than 99% of the women her age. She’s the hottest mom on the beach, second hottest is Elsa.

  2. Lou

    Oh, fuck me!

    Ever since the news broke that she and her fiancé broke up my cock has been throbbing. Just hearing the name Alessandra causes me to start breathing heavily.

    The things I’d do just to smell her bathing suit…let alone get a lick of that divine asshole…oh…


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