32 thoughts on “Amanda Winberg Sexy (13 Photos + GIFs)

  1. Dizz

    She might be from Sweden, but that forehead stretches all the way to the Arctic circle. Stephen A Smith just called, he wants his forehead back.

  2. Mike

    Omg, I immediately scrolled down to the comments to make sure someone already called her out on that MASSIVE FOREHEAD! Thank god for Spamwhore and Dizz for beating me to the punch!

  3. ballen

    famous where?? not famous in sweden.
    you saying she was born in swedem amd got famous in another country ?

  4. Big jock

    Like many other I came here for the forehead comments. I was not disappointed.

    I opened one picture full screen and it too three swipes down to get to her eyes!

    Still would though. Good bukkake target.

  5. JCL

    Great work chaps, some top notch comments there.

    +1s all around as if that’s a thing, though -1 for the ‘Rocky Dennis’ reference, but that’s only because you beat me to it.

    As foreheads go, that’s a huge bitch. Fucking hell.

  6. Slade

    Damn!!!! The only bangs she can use to fix that forehead situation are bangs from Robocop’s gun !
    Granted, she is far from unattractive. But when movies can be shown from a reel to reel on your forehead, and Waldorf n Statler live in your ear, you may want to find ways to draw attention away from that massive cranium lol. But ain’t no one perfect, and I’m sure she is still a lot hotter than some who possesses an average sized skull .


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