8 thoughts on “Amber Turner Sexy (12 Photos)

  1. Postmodernedegelord

    Some will call her ugly. Some won’t. Some will express opinions while others will shit out what they believe society has told them to think. They will crap out shit calling everyone else here a loser ignoring the irony of they themself being on this site. If that sounds like you I hope all this nice guy points you are earning get you sex with a hot babe. Becuase that’s the honest reason why all you fucking white knights do anything nice for a woman. You think by being nice she is obligated to sleep with you. I’d rather be a loser who says a chick has bad tits then a loser who is trying to impress on a comment thread that fuck all read.

    1. Spooky

      What? You make no sense. I agree with some of what you say,but you’re talking in circles. I think she’s pretty with an amazing body. And no tattoos or other visible mutalations.

  2. Erogenous Jones

    How nice of you to post these obviously unposed photos.
    Did she send you them or her PR agency ?
    Ever thought your disseminating these photos means she freeloads another ‘holiday’ in return for the publicity ?

    PS have you put her in contact with the trout missing it’s pout ?


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