20 thoughts on “Britney Spears Nip Slip (2 Photos)


    When I was 15 I’d have killed for a Britney nip slip. Now I still look out of curiosity, but my Johnson doesn’t even budge.

  2. Harry Boughner

    Male to Female transgender ALERT!!!
    Britney Spears was born a MALE!
    -Shoulders wider than her hips (a man trait).
    -Belly button ABOVE the waist line (a man trait).
    -Legs have a obtuse Q-angle (a man trait).
    -Square shoulders (a man trait).
    -Able to fit THREE heads between her shoulders (a man trait).
    -Elongated STRAIGHT torso (a man trait).
    A REAL female displaying these SIX male traits would have to be 1 FEMALE out of 15,625,000,000. That’s ONE female out of over 15.5 BILLION females (and females ALONE); there aren’t that many males AND females on this planet.
    Don’t give me that crap about “her” having kids. “She” either adopted them or was the father. “Her” hips don’t lie. She was born a male.

    1. Romanio

      Yes because she had a gender change younger than 16, dip shit. It’s illegal to have a sex change without years of process and mental assessments. It’s definitely illegal to have one under 18, she was famous before she was 18. Moron.

  3. Kill All Cocksucking Faggots & Transgender Abominations

    Harry Boughner is a worthless transgender mutant. It started off as a male, but knew it couldn’t please or satisfy any woman if it were to save its worthless life so it decided to have a sex change to become a female and it decided to keep its tiny Little tic tac. And now it hates itself so much it goes onto websites like these to insult and critize beautiful women that it could never dream of looking at let alone fucking. So this low life degenerate mutant now accuses all women of being men because it hates itself for being a worthless transgender abomination. It needs to put itself out of its misery and put a bullet in its brainpan and make the world a better place without all of these worthless transgender mutants abominations running around scarring people for life.

    1. Harry Boughner

      Wait…YOU think all these “WOMEN” which I’m pointing out as trannies are “beautiful?”
      Sooooo…when will you be committing suicide? Because you are a faggot in love with those so-called “transgender abominations.” LOL! Who’s the REAL confused one here? [SPOILER ALERT!!! It’s YOU!!!]

      I would encourage you to do some research on what a REAL woman SHOULD look like. Then, compare them to these “beautiful” celebrity “women” you love so much. Then, do some research on what a REAL man SHOULD look like. Then realize it’s NOT YOU!


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