22 thoughts on “Britney Spears Sexy (46 Photos + Videos)

  1. Humpback Herman

    She has officially entered washed up stripper territory. Sorry Britney, time to hang up the g-string: game over. You had a good run. I give her credit for keeping her mom bod in shape, but her face cant keep up with her body.

    1. klawick

      Maybe that is because people still DO go to her shows. You think The AXIS gives her millions of dollars a year out o the goodness of their hearts?

  2. klawick

    While her body is still VERY good for her age, she can’t pull off that first outfit anymore and should retire it to the Memory Bin.

  3. CelebLover

    You CAN still look good with 35.. but she looks like 50. I think 2 much drugs.. DONT DO DRUGS KIDS.. Stop it britney your time is over

  4. Farbmueller

    Why do people pay to see this shit? Unlike most artists she does absolutely no live singing, it’s 100% lip sync. Which would only OK if the choreography were so extreme and demanding it borders on acrobatics. I see none of that here, just a fat sweaty cow doing some lazy moves and mouthing words.

  5. Doug

    All you dumb fucks, dontchu know that Vegas is where the washed up go to live out their last days? Vegas is all about being tacky, Spears is tacky, formerly sexy, just like Celine Dion, Donny and Marie, Jennifer Lopez, Siegfried and Roy and famously, the late Elvis Presley. Stop being douches and acting like you wouldnt see a Britney Spears show. If I gave you tickets, you’d be jumping up and down. Shows at casinos, are complimentary, which means you are kind of obliged to see it. Although, I should admit, why does Britney put on a haggard face every second pic?


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