15 thoughts on “Britney Spears Sexy (58 Photos)

  1. Doug

    People may not know this but her show was interrupted by a stage jumper and the dancers had to hold him down because security was too ineffectual. And Britney decided to start playing 20 questions rather than just walk off the stage.

  2. Mickey Varco

    When will it be the day that britney will have her own leaked photos or ever show and in the pages of playboy’ she gotta stop worrying about herself and start showing herself off, she in her mid thirties and the time has come for her to do that’ maybe not her leakes first but her time to be in playboy as lindsay lohan did years ago. It’s her time now to show off.

  3. JohnnyFuckFace1017

    Las Vegas – where former pop stars are put out to pasture.

    nothing, and I mean nothing about these photos is sexy.


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