25 thoughts on “Chandra Davis Sexy (5 Photos)

  1. Ballsmasher McIroncock

    That is gross. Of course most black broads are. It’s good to see that those snicker licker lover Kardashian’s influence the youths. We’re headed for bigger and better things.

    1. Udontneedtoknow

      You sound hella gay get some pussy and stop down grading women and race u Nazi shrimp dick bicth

  2. Jeff

    Fuck that looks nasty. I’m all for thickness but there’s such a thing as too much and in this case, way too much. Some women have a distorted view of what looks good. Anything to get into rap videos I suppose. Their only work ethic is to have sex with rappers and try to milk as much money as they can from each one then call it “hard work”

  3. Trumpboi69

    She’d probably give me a boner if it wasn’t for those stupid tattoos. Why broads think that’s a good look is beyond me.

  4. s.smith

    I don’t think any of these fame hungry whore’s care what people say about them as long as they get noticed

  5. PuppyMonkeyBaby

    All I know is….. I’d be cumming in that, cumming in that, cumming in that!!! Until we had a pack of little PuppyMonkeyBabies running around the house.

  6. Farbmueller

    Gee, thanks for including her disgusting FOOT and its FALLEN ARCH. At first I only noticed the hideous, gargantuan ASS and my LUNCH immediately shot back up my throat, but I was able to muster sufficient strength to stifle the potentially violent puke attack by focusing really hard on something else. Exhausted, I let my guard down and my glance started traveling downward to her crooked LEG and her FLAT DUCK FOOT, both having apparently buckled under the weight of the 600 pound LARD ASS. Now I have to replace this wallpaper, as the tomato sauce I projectile vomited uncontrollably on it will never come out.


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