Emilia Clarke Nude – Game of Thrones (2011) s01 – HD 1080p

Screenshots and clips with Emilia Clarke (as Daenerys) from Game of Thrones (2011) Season 1. Emilia Clarke is an English actress. Age: 29 (1 May 1987).


Daenerys’s brother strips her down and assesses her “woman’s body”. See boobs, pubes, and a spectacular butt shot when she slips into the tub.

A giant warrior man relieves Daenerys of her dress and bends her over at the seashore.

Daenerys gives us a look at her left breast as it flops up and down as she gets rammed from behind by her giant warrior husband.

We see Daenerys’s dirty rack, literally, as she emerges from a distinguished fire, naked and baring baby dragons.

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15 thoughts on “Emilia Clarke Nude – Game of Thrones (2011) s01 – HD 1080p

    1. Anonymous

      False, she only started using a body double in season 4. She said she would only do nude scenes now if they serve a purpose for moving the story forward like the latest episode, but if they’re just to show her off then she won’t do that

      1. JonSnow

        You fucking idiot she didn’t even had a nude sean in season 4 . ( or 5 ) and she never used a body double for her nudes

        1. Anonymous

          Season 4 was when she said she wouldn’t be doing nude scenes anymore. That doesn’t mean she had a nude scene. Also if you read anything, she did all the nude scenes herself up until Season 4. The latest episode was where it was her again.

          Go back to school and learn to read, idiot.

        1. Necrothep

          Wow, you have so much trouble reading and understand. He never said there was a nude scene in s04, he said that she stopped being naked AT THAT MOMENT which was s04. You don’t look smarter for being offensive.

  1. Dick Dangle

    I would also like to blow a big load all over Emilia’s tits and her face as well! She is Gorgeous and extremely Sexy!


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