15 thoughts on “Esperanza Gomez Sex Video – Snapchat (2017)

  1. Awwweessoommee :/

    Oh wow, a pron star having sex?!? Omg good thing it’s on a leaked celeb site. Thanks…. So much would’ve never found a porn stars sex tape otherwise. Great job

  2. Doug

    Ok, I’m packing a bite sized cock her size so I know exactly what she’s thinking. “His cock isn’t much bigger than my micropeen and can barely scrape the edges of my tainty mangina. I wish this was a big meaty BBC instead.” Well, that’s what I think of in situations like this. Sure, I’m a size queen, so what? That’s why I ask for essential info up front: what’s your length and girth?

    1. Lol

      Not sure what it is with you fags really think all black guys have big dick? Lol, If you honestly think race plays a factor in dick size you’re a retard. You can easily find any race with huge dicks. You realize they cast dudes specifically with big dicks. Meaning there’s alot black guys that didn’t get cast cause of their average to small dicks. Lol. Also not sure why you “straight” guys are watching porn for the size of the guys dicks but you’re gay as fuck.

      1. Insecure?

        Hmm, someone sounds insecure. The reality is stereotypes are somewhat true. Ave cock size is kargest in Africans and smallest in asians. Doug may be too stupid to google, but give it a go. You may find what you’re looking for.

  3. Hahahaha

    You dumb cucks seem think you need a big dick to make porn? Hahaha all you need is some release forms and cash. Here’s an inside tip. *The girl doesn’t care about your dick size or appearance, she’s only there for the money* also strippers don’t actually like you, no they don’t want to go out on a date you pathetic loser*

  4. ^Stupid cuck fags^

    Pretty funny how you’re all making fun of his dick size an yet he’s the one getting a bj an you’re here complaining about it. Have fun faggets


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