Genesis Lopez Topless (35 Photos)

Here are the topless photos of Genesis Lopez. Genesis Lopez is an American fitness model, Instagram star (2.8m followers). She’s of Brazilian/Cuban/Japanese descent. Age: 24 years old (July 15, 1993).


Thanks to Christian for the info!

19 thoughts on “Genesis Lopez Topless (35 Photos)

  1. Jim

    These are obviously screen caps to a video, why not post the video?

    Also, I get a kick out of all these losers trash talking girls they could never get in their life. All of you talking shit would donate a lung for a chance to fuck her. You’re not fooling anybody.

    1. Django

      If the people who aren’t into her were going to donate a lung to fuck someone, as you suggest, don’t you think they might choose one of a thousand other chicks before this one?

  2. Bill

    Y’all are so funny that you tear apart a beautiful person. Such high standards yet here you are on a porn site “judging” women that would never get with you. Ain’t near a damn thing wrong with her and you know damn well if you had a chance, even a sliver you would sleep with her. But nope, shes ugly, baseball silicon whatever.

    1. Postmodernedegelord

      Oh yes much better to be the loser on a porn site defending her. I’m sure you will earn nice guy points that you can cash in to have sex with a woman you desire. Cos that’s how fucktard like you thinks. You think being Mr respect women earns you points. I suppose the irony of you being on this site is lost on you. I actually think people like you are the funniest fuckers. At least the guys being abusive are venting. Expressing personal opinion. Unlike weaklings like you. So desperate to seem Mr nice that even on an anon page you some how feel the need to comment. Piss off weakling. I’d rather be a loser who says what he thinks then a brainwashed by society little bitch like you.

      1. Bill

        Well let’s see for one I like looking at tits, ass, and women. So reason one I am on this site. You’re the same loser that in a real life that either has no girlfriend/wife because no one can stand your whining ass. “expressing personal opinion” is venting? Not sure how those two subjects intertwine in the matter you were speaking. Brainwashed by society is irrelevant. It’s called ethics and morals, why not try it out once in a while. Maybe you’ll actually get laid or you could come out of your creeper corner. **Insert random words to sounds tough like postmodernedgelord**

      2. A.G.

        +10 stars Bill
        Honestly from a grown man perspective, Bill said a true thing, the future depends only on you the way you dress the life little boy, you might realize that keeping a little respect when it comes to a lady showing your appreciation as a good and humble human it doesn’t mean your brainwashed by society as you said, little knowledge boy…. Maybe you thinking that Millennials perspective is right but in case you haven’t seen many movies of the realest gold era there were movies there where Real Gangsters approve and agree to my statement that respecting a woman your respect yourself and that’s a thing that every human might realize someday being humble and showing pure love to a lady is the right way! Hopefully when you gonna grow you will understand this until then be more humble that’s what you should work at… Good day.

  3. A.G.

    + Big Up Bill
    Glad to see even on such webs there are at least a few grown minded citizens, wish you the best have a good day.

  4. Booty worship

    Lol I follow her on Instagram, the torture are fake but the ass is from waist training. She used to be a cam model, this is like the tamest stuff you could find of her, she has a couple of sex tapes from when she didn’t have fake titties and if you google her name she has nudes just about everywhere.


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