13 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Ass (119 + Photos + 4 Gifs + Video)

  1. Tom

    Jlo now using her huge ass to manipulate the youth into endorsing crooked hitlary? The rigging may be bigger than her big ass…

  2. Jake Steed

    Fuck Her Liberal Fat Ass Shaking it For Gay Crooked Hillary. A Voter for her is to end America as we know it. Trump isn’t the best candidate but by far better. #trump #crookedhillary

    1. jake steed sucks

      A vote for donald combover & he will launch bombs at everyone that calls him on his idiotic bullshit.
      Fuck yourself to death, retard.

    2. Wild

      now it is just to choose the lesser evil. So. Trump.
      However, see that ass is always a pleasure, Hillary or not Hillary.

  3. Severin

    “Big political ass!” LOL! I kinda think that she’s only gotten hotter with age. Yeah, she was a fine bitch back in the day and absolutely fucking gorgeous in U-Turn (it’s pretty obvious from the bluray commentary that Oliver Stone was, understandably, very attracted to her), but now? Look at the “Booty” video. That woman looks like a goddess! It’s almost ridiculous how damned good she looks.

    1. Andreas

      I agree and when did this become a political forum for stupid cocksuckers like Drumpf supporters, deplorables is right when it cpmes to the stupid sheeple that follow this misogynist racist goon…… but then that doesn’t surprise me from some of the bone headed racist comments on here also…..She is still a gorgeous woman and has an ass to die for…..

  4. Major Rager

    If I had to lick her asshole every second of everyday, for the rest of my life. I would much the fartbox right off her, tongue right up her arse.


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