18 thoughts on “Katheryn Winnick Nip Slip (1 Pic)

  1. Esparkz

    Oh no i have always wanted to fap to her even if its just her pokies but her nipples?I think i might fap ma dick off. Fucking stay on her cuz I sense more coming

  2. The Mad King

    Unless they have the original video before she editited it, this is fake. Whole bottom right is white lines blurring everything

  3. The Mad King

    I seriously can’t believe more people aren’t commenting on this. I always thought she was one of the finest women alive. She’s in my top five.

  4. bastun

    was that a photo or video screened ? can u please give me link to video if its video ( censored ) or whatever

  5. ballen

    redditers claim it is real, that she saw the mistake, took it down and edited it and uploaded it, but someone saved the img before she could delete

      1. Tommy

        This photo is taken from her instagram stroy video before she deleted it and replaced it with censored one..


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