33 thoughts on “Keke Palmer Naked (6 Photos)

  1. x

    Wow, are those tits really hers? Never thought I’d see nudes from this girl. And she’s a little freak with pierced nipples

    1. ps1029

      : The underboob tattoo is there in the second pic down, it’s just hidden by her breast, the one on her arm is not visible because of the way her arm is positioned and is blocked by her tit as well.

  2. John

    Nice little chocolate cake.
    But I would perfer to see some shots of her
    saucy taco or a nice close-up of her gaping starfish.
    But I guess you can’t have it all..

    1. John's a dumbass

      Of course they’re different, they’re hacked photos. They’re not pictures that were uploaded intentionally, all taken at the same time stamp. The tits look the same, the same tattoo is evident, and the nipples look the same (shape and size wise, obviously not colour because of the lighting difference). It’s obvious the girl in both pics are the same person.

    2. ps1029

      : what’re you? dense? one’s pre-piercing, one’s post, It takes all of maybe three brain cells that you apparently don’t have to figure that out.

  3. FapReviewer

    cute pix, nothing to be ashamed of. too bad celebs don’t have a place they can just release these sorts of candid photos on their own.

  4. Mickey Varco

    As I said about Alaina Huffman’ I also have to say about Keke Palmer as well, I feel like I’ve known this girl since was a bit young in the days of her early career. She may have grown to a full hottie but I never thought she would take pics of herself this way’ she should’ve had more time to wait on doing something like this, why dose every female celebrity at the age of twenty one have to start on doing something like this at that age, I’m still gonna wait on her til she dose grows a little bit more’ I’ll have to prey for this girl one day.

    1. B

      Try 16 or so, it might not be up here, but you had that olympic gymnist taking pictures underage, and Bella Thorne pics were also leaked…


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