33 thoughts on “Kelly Brook (6 Sexy Photos)

  1. Jamie Bauer

    All of this “No, she’s fat” crap
    Like any of you greasy, acne-riddled little nerds wouldn’t piss yourselves in fright if a woman like that even made pretend fuck eyes at you.
    Back to your 3 inch cry-wanks, you useless fucking armchair critics of women light years beyond you.

    1. iamhere

      Jamie Bauer, actually the “greasy, acne-riddled little nerds” are the ones who White Knight for woman getting fat and or obese while the real men like their fit healthy woman. Now get it right, SJWs,white Knights/Beta Males and fat woman are out!

  2. Fap Master G

    Never thought much about THICC girls till now. Would love to see her and Ashley Graham oil wrestle some day. OMG!

  3. aaron

    kelly brook and ashley graham are two gorgeous women they are real women love them both love the pics kelly god bless so gorgeous

  4. jrwhite

    Still would, any straight guy would…..

    I blame the French. Specifically that French guy she’s been banging the last few years and French cooking….. Too much cream…

  5. Just sayin'

    Looks like she’s never passed up a buffet. Put down the fork honey. If you’ve got a hankering for meat, try the tube steak and nut butter entree.

  6. Shoehorn

    These comments always crack me up.
    Some people think they have a god given right to rate women?!
    Yeah she’s put on weight but at least that may inspire other women who are not stick thin.
    We all come in different shapes and sizes and I’ve enjoyed looking at those breasts over the years.
    In fact given the opportunity I would suckle those teats like a new born baaaaaaaaaabeeeeey!!!


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