13 thoughts on “Leelee Sobieski Naked (21 Photos)

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  2. Odessa James

    Very strange how few, on that website, are the nudes that show at the same time the chick’s head and her body. It’s either one or the other. After Strahovski, Sobieski… If theses photos are private, why would the girls hide their faces in a selfie ?

    1. Baldazar

      They are not hiding their faces. These photos weren’t taken for themselves but rather for their boyfriends/husbands and they just focus the pictures on the tits or pussy or ass. There is no need for the face to be there from their point of view.

    2. David

      You don’t want to have your face in pics you send to say your bf just in case they do get out a little bit of amenity if the hackers would of put the ones not showing there faces on random websites no one would of even suspected they were celebs

  3. jim

    She is a class act, and all of these pics are tastefully done ( not internet porn ) just
    nice pics of her body, and one real luck guy . Nothing to be ashamed of miss leelee
    Nice Profile BTW


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