46 thoughts on “Lucy Collett Nude (27 Photos)

    1. Bad Cyborg

      Salty Bastard,
      You, sir, are a total, complete and utter lackwit. If brains were shit yours could not fertilize a single seed. I’ll have you know Lucy Collette is one of the most sexy women on the entire spinning planet. She is sexy at whatever weight she carries. Her face is one of the most beautiful ever captured on film.

      I have always suspected that men who prefer women who are thin and have no breasts or hips to be closet pederasts who prefer little boys.

      1. turdsandwich

        Yeah, well you’re the reason heart disease is the most common cause of death in the US and UK. Stop fucking fat people and making fat ass babies. KYS.

    1. jimmy

      Its inevitable for all over weight women. Their bodies might be be able to hold all the fat up and be kind of attractive for a few years but once they hit their mid 20’s it all comes tumbling down.

  1. CM Geek

    Finally! Someone hot to look at!! Fuck your anorexic models with fake boobs. This is sexy. She does these like every day, so keep them coming. Beautiful woman.

  2. s.smith

    If you’re that fat and naked,at least show us yer cunt,or is it hidden behind the rolls of fat,what a fucking state,does she have no one to tell her she needs to lose weight ? Sh was attractive once apon a time,how sad…

  3. No

    I can’t tell whether she looks weird because of Snapchat filters or because she’s got some funhouse mirror shit going on with her body

  4. Jonno

    I’ve seen lumps like her leave wet patches on train seats on a hot day.

    I’ve smelt them too.

    As for Page 3, she’d be on Page 3, 4 and 5 now.

    1. The eat everything Meal plan

      Yeah, if canabalism were legal. In the meantime, she’s creating a food shortage by herself.

  5. NIK

    I’m not categorically against a little more bounce to the ounce, but damn, she was way hotter before her weight gain

  6. Spankmaster

    For those of us who like the buxom fuller variety of women, she is a hot redhead who knows how to handle her curves and most likely looks after her health. Those who object to this obviously want stick figure thin models on Herron and cocaine diets, where one green apple and a good fuck who undoubtedly kill them. And I imagine with her build, she’s probably just had a kid, so she is doing very well. And even with this not being so, just enjoy a fuller women for once. Enough of the whinging, you useless fucktards…


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