5 thoughts on “Meg Turney in a Lingerie (35 Photos)

  1. gem

    This woman annoys be she complains when she isn’t respected as a nerd then does this shit? Then complains when people are annoyed she’s acting a whore and yes she is tecnically a whore because she sells half naked posters of herself. (selling body for cash = whore) She needs to make up her fuckin mind.

  2. not-so-friendly/ghost

    lol she complains when she isn’t respected as a nerd because people assume that she isn’t one and try to call her out for it. if she is a “whore” for selling a piece of paper with her picture on it then wouldn’t all models and actors/actresses be whores since they are paid to be in photo shoots and movies? lol also would that mean that everybody who has a job be a whore by your definition because we work with our body to complete certain tasks given to us by our employer?

  3. Jo

    I don’t think there’s much point in clicking into her photos if you don’t like her.. is there?

    I tend to avoid anything I don’t enjoy.. apparently some people immerse themselves in it.
    Likely just because whining like a ho is the only identity they’ve ever had.

    As for the girl which is what I came here for.. beautiful. I don’t think any less of her because of a few clothed photographs. In fact I’d love to see her entirely naked
    with her pussy hanging open..
    and guess what, I’d still think she’s beautiful and I wouldn’t think any less of her for it. Freedom is what we fight for and then someone exercises it and we attack or shame them?



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