17 thoughts on “Megan Fox Sexy (33 Photos + 5 Gifs & Video)

    1. Gdrive

      She didn’t dump him. He has medical issues and a shit ton of bills because of it so they separated so they wouldn’t go after her cash also. They’re still together

  1. Fap McFap

    Could you guys refrain from posting bullshit during the Fappening? My heart skipped a beat when I read Megan Fox and then I realized it was no leak.

  2. aijwie

    She turned herself into a real piece of fuckmeat with all those surgeries.

    Not sure why she never fixed her crippled thumbs.

  3. Chris Manning

    Team-Fox eh? Would that be surgical team or wannabe porn team? It’s really hard to tell with a ho like this, but just as long as she is happy, fucking over everyone’s life including her own and her kids for the sake of her ‘acting career’ and is able to exploit the living shit out of anything and everything, then who am I to judge? I’m not being accusing of anything…


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