29 thoughts on “Melissa Benoist Naked (4 hardcore photos)

      1. Wolfsbane

        No it doesn’t. They look like they were photographed by someone who knew what they were doing. They’re well lighted and composed. Most home nude pictures are spur of the moment poorly lit and look like crap. These were obviously planned.

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  2. ron

    Melissa Melissa
    If your mom can see you know
    Way to go girl
    In d.first picture you look like you are moaning or screaming
    Goood girl

  3. Adam

    They don’t seem to be posed, she seems to really enjoy it, one more proof that size matters only for some women. I agree with some – they look like porn but it’s amateur private celebrity porn, which makes it so hot.

  4. Wtf

    Is it really her, cause if it is … Who’s the Guy ? She’s in couple with Blaker Jenner since 2012 … So She cheat on him if it’s not him ?

  5. John

    Not to be critical of anything do what you will, but if I was a girl and I was famous, I’d def be getting a bigger dick than that

  6. masshuuil

    Pretty sure these are for real. Downloaded the second and fourth ones. Enlarged and examined the second one. Near her left eyebrow looks like a skin defect or she had an accident and gouged out a piece of flesh. It matches with other photos and close-ups in the pilot trailer & episode. Wish there were more in better positions. Nice Body, but she needs to keep her quim hairless though.

  7. blake janer

    it.s not her.. one of photo about her hairy pussy is not skiny not like another photo .. and my dick not smaller like that.. LoL

  8. Hmm...

    Seems to be missing bicycle tattoo on left foot. Refer to this video – at 26 seconds in. Photos must be really old.

  9. Vintage Simon

    The guy fucking Melissa here is Nick Vorderman, who was dating her from 2008-2012, apparently (when she was 20-24). So the photos are at least three years old at this point. Benoist did issue a statement via Twitter after the leak, so we can safely say it’s her.

    The photo of her taking it up the ass is my favorite photo from the entire Fappening. Never get tired of it.

  10. Who Cares

    Adam and John must like the cock because thats seems to be the highlight of these photos to them. Fuck and who cares about the guy…these photos are hot.


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