37 thoughts on “Michelle Trachtenberg iCloud

  1. Lolilol

    Srsly? Red boxes on non naked pics? At least those who want btc censor sexy pics… You just try to maintain your website traffic for the adcount! Sad…

  2. The Laughing Man

    Your site is becoming ridiculously lame with these red bars and old ass pictures from years past. If you’re gonna do something, do it right. Right now you’re definitely doing it wrong

  3. ikonik

    The red boxes are on the original leaks, this website is just compiling what has been released. They aren’t adding the red boxes, that’s how the pics were released originally.

  4. Shutup

    stop crying like a bitch, this is the way the guys who hacked the accounts leaked them, if you can find better? Be my guest if you cant? read my nickname and just shut up and be glad you have naked.
    and those stupids who demands full nude? Same answer you can do it better? then go F¨CKING do it

  5. suckmywally

    First, old photos being posted as if they were part of the leak. Now, these ridiculous photos. Do us all a favor and hang yourself in a dark corner.

  6. bbelb

    Wow this site is full of a bunch of bitchy whiners, I’ve looked through about 80% of this site and all the comments are are people bitching and whining. Go change yur tampons pussies and if you don’t like the site then don’t visit it. Although you are probably all obese fat fucks who can’t get a women and have to look at this site to jerk off. Unlike the people like me who help find you guys these pictures!!! Show a little fucking gratitude that we are even allowing you access to these pictures. If you don’t like them then go to the countless fakes sites and jerk off to those pictures 🙂

  7. anon

    Not only are these pics a waste of time and irrelevant to this site They are also not even who they are meant to be. 2 pix, two different girls and none of those are Michelle lol

  8. Sam

    You think Michelle Trachtenberg is takin’ naked selfies of herself, let alone leavin’ em in some hackable cloud archive or her cell phone to be hacked and leaked onto the web like the others? It’s a good day if someone manages to post a decent shot of her ass in, at best, a reasonably tight pair of jeans, and it’s been a good long while since I recall coming across one of those. The girl doesn’t give up shit. And she doesn’t run with any of the girls who have the best shot of getting her drunk enough to open some of those curtains she’s always behind, metaphorically speaking. I know, it’s lame. And no one wants a nude Michelle Trachtenberg more than me. I’d kill each and every one of you for a dozen shots of michelle that reveal how she tends to keep her hip garden..please let the answer to that be that she favors a thick, black triangle patch ala Asia Carrera..anyway, point is…it ain’t happening in the fappening with Michelle..

  9. MissionaryMan00

    Speaking as someone who came here expressly to see that kitten’s tits, I must say I’m sorely disappointed. BLAHBLAHBLAH…

  10. Lexington Dinglebottom

    Ok, fuck this. Let’s just LOIC this guys website and take it offline. He posts nothing but junk.


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