45 thoughts on “Ms 5000 Watts Leaked (20 Pics + Video)

  1. James

    Never heard of her. I checked her IG though. If that is indeed her, she’s going to have an interesting conversation with her Asian husband as to why there’s a video of her blowing a black dude.

  2. JCL

    Now that WAS a fucking leak – video has been doing the rounds for ages.


    Added 5 years ago.

    FFS. Not so much fappening as fappened.

    1. Johnny Rebel

      I just don’t understand why any woman would want to put that ashy black stanky piece of shit in their mouth. I can’t imagine how bad the smell and taste would be.

  3. AJ

    Hey Sisko and Bandit, NOW do you understand why your momma, sister, wife and/or girl(boy) likes the black cock so much? Black men pack meat. This must be such a sore sight to your racist eyes.

    1. AJ loves the nigga meat

      Yes, you’ve known that all along cause you a prime packer of that meat – up your ass. If that isn’t AJ playing the skin flute like a maestro, it’s probably his mom. She loves the nigga cock just as much.

  4. Hillary Trump

    Literally looks like she’s sucking on a long slimy piece of shit. Like poop out the butt hole kind of shit. Exactly how hard does a girl need to be molested to want to commit bestiality with an unevolved subhuman negroid? I’m not racist, but fuck this nigger lover for reals fam.

  5. Lord Felwinter

    That’s that sweet bungie dick, she loves so much. Bungie got it’s big black dong out and said you want the lighthouse every weekend, you better get sucking bitch.

    Someone said she’s Jewish, maybe, but she looks pretty Native American to me.

    1. Black & Proud

      Yep. We be fucking all yall moms, sisters, cousins, etc.. Get mad pussy!
      Y’all fear for the survival of y’all race. We don’t even have to do much. Nature is already getting rid of you devil’s. Go back to the mountains where you came from.
      My girlfriend is white too 🙂 … Scottish & Polish.


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