Natalie Cassidy Leaked Fappening (5 Photos)

Check out the private leaked fappening photos of Natalie Cassidy (2015). Natalie Ann Cassidy is an English actress (EastEnders), The British Soap Awards winner, television star (Celebrity Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing), singer, journalist. Born: 13 May 1983.


The 34-year-old British celebrity showed off her goodies, big time. She’s one of the sexiest MILF babes in all of Britain, still.

44 thoughts on “Natalie Cassidy Leaked Fappening (5 Photos)

  1. Taj

    Any more of her to come? Not that she’s gorgeous, I just happen to have a certain fetish for spastic sex.

  2. MJ

    Fuck me, you have to be a very brave man to get between those thighs, can you imagine the discharge that she leave in those knickers – nah not for me

        1. Clinton 2099

          Dawg I’ll have you know I have a long over six week heritage of commenting here. You are a moron. You got called out. You made a shite comment. Someone called you out and I agreed with them. I’d rather be a faggot then a 65 iq dumbass like you. Doug is a fucktard but he often makes me laugh with his retarded comments. You however just aren’t funny.

          1. Dawg

            You said it fuckole. I need a 65iq to type that comment and understand it. You thought it was crap cuz urs is lower. Do some yoga. Try this, bend over and spread your ass cheeks. Doug would be happy to show you.

        2. Clinton 2099

          I’ve met many losers like you. You’ve never had a woman you wanted want you. You bitch and claim they friendzoned you. Truth is the friendzone is a made up term for guys who were only nice to a woman in the hopes of her sleeping with them and when the woman saw the guy for the weak loser he is she choose to lie ather than tell him she finds him repugnant. she just tells him an easy lie. I like you as a friend. Sound familiar. I assume you have heard it alot. You are an unoriginal basic dumbass. No woman will ever want you and no man will ever consider you an equal. You are doomed to a lifetime of being better men’s subordinate.

          1. Trollops

            Okay pinworms, why dont you both crawl back to doug’s asshole where you crept out of?

  3. custard

    5th pic down looks like a fucked up female metamorphosis of jimmy saville… all she needs is a cigar. Yuck.

  4. Bore-his Johnson

    Looking at her twitter I’d certainly have a coffee with her. Sure she doesn’t look like a model but you only get to fuck models if you are as rich as Wienstien.


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