Rita Ora See Through & Sexy (19 Photos)

Check out the sexy photos of singer Rita Ora from Instagram, 03/12/2018. Sheer blouse, visible bra and nipples! Rita Ora is a singer and actress (Bombshell). Born – 26 November 1990.


W O M A N – on Thursdays we grab what we want and prepare for the weekend….

censored 🙁


21 thoughts on “Rita Ora See Through & Sexy (19 Photos)

        1. A. Ray

          1. Wash your deviated mind and first learn to respect her and not only because she’s a personality but first because she’s a honest and beautiful lady.
          2.She doesn’t stay at any Beverly Hills hotel for your little knowledge typically for young men at puberty like you…
          3.With such an attitude no woman would go alongside you in the city not even for a drink.
          So that being said you should try to be a normal man talking with respect when you’re addressing to a person, though assuming it’s possible there was a few things like your lack of affection from childhood making you act wrong, anyway just hope getting older you gonna think good as a mature human, it’s not late for a good change..

    1. Amanda

      Can we have a day with no stupid and no sense comments from life’s inexperienced peeps like yours? Actually would be just better to say nothing in case you haven’t learned yet how to express your appreciation to a woman as an educated person, though it’s a whole process to educate yourself right and then others nowadays..

  1. Lightning_Jack

    Perfect body, beautiful face, great boobs…. but what I love most are her feet…. could kiss and lick them the whole day

  2. Junkiepete

    She needs to kick start her career again by getting tits out in HD with no shooping. Anyone else agree ?

  3. A. Ray

    ”Slim Shady”
    As long as we keep respect alive as what I said above that’s true everything’s good my boy, anyway.

    1. A Ray

      And we assuming imagine that every mature person could see how infantile and meaningless sound your try to look for attention in a poor way with such a comment which makes no sense… nowadays.


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