29 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Cameltoe (31 Photos)

  1. Nate

    Fake! All fake. Look closer you can see that it’s fake and not even a good one. Like the person did it with MS Paint.

    1. gumbosoup

      I don’t think it’s fake. I think what you’re seeing is the grayish coloration on her yoga pants that just happens to be right on her vajayjay. It’s definitely real, there just happens to be a dark gray stripe right in the right place to make it look like more than it is.

    2. Bubz

      Why is she trying to hide her camel toe in a couple of pics by pulling down her shirt and crossing her legs if it is fake?

  2. Ademir

    Loirinha gostosa! Está com um cameltoe delicioso! Chupo toda a bucetinha dela e o cuzinho também! Será que ela aguenta uma vara grossa e quente de 22cm?

  3. dhjlsjdlfkjsdf

    I truly hope with her new trying to be badass image, we will see her nipples and pussy. I hope she started getting al sexual but looking just as hot. I hope she doesn’t start looking ugly. Would love to see her bush a bit as well. But the ultimate would be a nice, long, high resolution, sex tape

  4. Uncle Jimbo

    Obviously she’s trying to hide it cuz the camel toe is revealing that she’s got a broke deep-dish pussy… just like Britney Spears does.
    No wonder she can’t keep a man for very long. 🙁
    The packaging is gorgeous, but if the box ain’t no good, it ain’t no good.

  5. Spankmaster

    Camel toe? More like pig’s foot! Anyone who wants to have sex with that will just be committing bestiality. Please, you vacuous tart, go back to the Elvin kingdom you escaped from…


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