31 thoughts on “Terry Richardson Leaked (33 Photos)

  1. Johndoe

    Hahahahahah Top lel

    This couldn’t be more hilarious! Those were obviously taken with an analogical film camera; just look a the illumination and the low definition. People who take this kind of pic using analogic cameras do so in order not to have them leaked online or anything.

    That said, Richardson must have scanned them to keep them in a cloud-drive or something. Now that’s the funny part: why would the fucker scan them if he photographed them on film rather than digitally to keep them private?


    1. DonnyWas

      If you had a thousand pictures of YOU fucking some of the hottest women in hollywood, wouldn’t you want the world to see??

  2. Bernard rentajag

    Terry’s been shooting models with cheap film cameras for years. That’s part of his style. They get scanned because they’re taken with the intention of publishing them.

    These aren’t his private snaps, this is his “art”. He hires a model or porn star, sticks his glasses on their face and his dick in their mouth and snaps away.

  3. mosho

    The Juliette Lewis shot is the most epic one, Juliette has tried to deny is her, but there is a phto shoot portfolio of Terry with nudes and non-nudes of her, and he has the reputation of fucking most of his models, so yeah! that is Juliette even if she does not like it.

  4. pjamese3

    No shame in his game. My hat’s off to this guy. It’s nice to see a fashion photographer who can actually appreciate the hot models.

  5. Mr. Jon

    That’s 100% Juliette, as much as she tries to deny it.

    So many women consensually whore and try to deny it later, probably a lot of what is happening in Hollywood right now (not saying sexual assaulters don’t exist).


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