Tove Lo Fucks and Masturbates in New Music Video

Screenshots and clips from full 31′ min music video “Fairy Dust” (2016). Tove Lo is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Age: 29 (29 October 1987).


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12 thoughts on “Tove Lo Fucks and Masturbates in New Music Video

  1. Bobo

    Mainstream musicians are garbage now. Is this what they have to resort to in order to remain relevant.

    I miss music when ugly people were allowed to make it.

  2. Pip-Boy

    Is anyone else out there bothered that woman now a days are stating to all look like they are out of a Mad Max world??????

  3. Severin

    Fuck yeah, keep pushing the envelope. Every time one of these ladies does this kinda thing in a music video it’s a challenge to everyone else to go further. It’s wonderful.

  4. dont care

    If a guy would wank one out in a music video it would be the scandal of the year and he would be labeled rapist for exposing himself.

    If its a girl – nobody seems to get triggered. Double standarts?

    1. Andreas

      ok so I saw it again and that was a bunch of overacted, fake metaphysical, wannabe artiste bullshit… ain’t Thriller

  5. klawick

    Wow! The sex is SO realistic! Because that is the way people REALLY have sex!

    And say what you want about Miley Cyrus, but I’m pretty sure she has never once goatse’ed her mouth. And Tove did it at least TWICe in this video. Having not seen the video, I can’t tell if it was something she thought was sexy.


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